Tired Of Being Stuck With Just One LightSaber Design?...

NEW "Build-A-Saber" Kits Allows You To Build Dozens Of Customizable LightSabers... Fast!

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  • Realistic! Looks real and allows you to live out your greatest light saber fantasies... faster and easier than ever before
  • Exciting! Sounds real and allows you to change between 9 different epic sound effects
  • Nearly Indestructible! Aircraft-grade aluminum hilt with polycarbonate blade ensures endurance and longevity through any galactic battle you may face
  • Customizable! Take your kit and make up to 20+ different combinations

Choose Your "Build-A-Saber" Kit


The Passion Kit

Black and Red color scheme


The Passive Kit

Gun Metal & Gold color scheme


The Peaceful Kit

Blue and Green color scheme

What's Included With Your Order?...

All Kits come with everything you need to build a complete light saber including... 36" Long Polycarbonate Blade with 1" Diameter... Electronic saber heart with RGBW LED Lights... and (9) Different Sounds Font capabilities which brings your customized lightsaber to life!

Each Build-A-Saber Kit Comes

* (Included) With...

  • (1) RGBW LED Saber Heart w/ sound
  • (2) Emitters
  • (2) Hilt Handle
  • (2) Ignition Switches
  • (2) Pommels
  • (1) Handle Sleeves
  • (1) Polycarbonate Blade (not in picture)
  • (1) Screws & Allen Wrench Set
  • (1) Charging Cable

VIP Online Access To The Saber Life Private Next-Gen Social Community


Receive An Exclusive Invitation To Join Our Private Members Only Community Hosted EXCLUSIVE On "The Saber Life"... Next Generation Social Community For Light Saber Enthusiast! Share Your Ideas, Get Your Questions Answered, Discover New Tips & Tricks All Within Our Live Weekly Video Chat Rooms.

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Virtual Saber Academy 2.0


  • LIVE... Virtual Training Sessions From A Licensed (Saberation) Saber Samurai

  • Easy To Follow Weekly Instructional HD Video Course...

  • Step-By-Step Explanation Of Each Offensive And Defensive Technique...

  • See Each Technique In Action With Our Bonus Sparring Footage...

  • Learn Rare, Never Before Recorded, Light Sword Martial Arts KATA Maneuvers...

  • Bonus Tactical Drills...

  • 12 Week Curriculum Using Intensive HD Video Training Modules... $300 VALUE (Included)

The Virtual Saber Academy 2.0 Is Brought To You By

Saberation - Light Sword Martial Arts

Here Are A Few Words From Some Of Their Students...

Level Up With These Awesome Add-On Options

***LEVEL UP***

Custom Ripper Blade

$125 Add-On

***LEVEL UP***

Saber Sport Carrying Bag

$45 Add-On

***LEVEL UP***

Extra Blade & Saber Heart

$97 Add-On

We Believe In The Quality Of Our Products.

That's Why We Back All Kits With A Full

1 Year Warranty... (Included!)


ONLY $497... $250!

Fill out your details now and get your

Build-A-Saber Kit sent out to you right away.

NEW "Build-A-Saber" Kits Allows You To Build Up To 20+ Different Combinations... In As Little As 30 Minutes

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Build-A-Saber Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Before My Build-A-Saber Kit Arrives?

Shipping Typically Takes Between 2-4 weeks.

How Do I Access The EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY Build-A-Saber Community with Live Weekly Video Chat Rooms?

After You Check Out... You Will Be Directed To A Special Page Which Will Have Additional Instructions Including The Links Required To Access The Exclusive Build-A-Saber Community. These Instructions Will Also Be Emailed To You Using The Email Address You Use To Order Your Build-A-Saber Kit.

Can My Build-A-Saber Ultimate Challenge Kit Be Used To Duel With?

Yes. Our Build-A-Saber Kits Are rated For Full Contact Dueling. Capable Of Withstanding Heavy Dueling. Before Any Contact Dueling, We Recommend Wearing Proper Safety Protection For Your Hands, Body And Face. This Includes But Is Not Limited To: Gloves, Body Armor, Face Masks And Helmets. Always Take The Proper Safety Measures Before Dueling Of Any Kind. Build-A-Saber, Imperial Sabers And Or It's Affiliates Are Not Responsible For Any Injuries That Result From Saber Play, Combat Choreography Or Dueling.

Do The Ultimate Challenge Kits Come With All The Parts Shown In the Photo?

Yes (+) More In Many Cases.

Do I Also Get A Blade With My Kit?


What Color Will My Light Saber Blade Light Up To Be?

Your Light Saber Is Constructed With A Base Lit 12Watts RGBW LED Light. In short, Infinite colors!

Is This Like One Of Those Plastic LightSabers I See In The Typical Retail Stores?

No. All Of Our Light Sabers Hilts Are Made From Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, With A PoIycarbonate blade. Virtually Indestructible.

Does It Come With Its Own Battery?

Yes. Build-A-Saber Kit Comes With A Rechargeable 3000Mah 18650 3.7V safety battery.

Is This Rechargeable Battery Safe? Will It Overheat?

Our Batteries Are Completely Safe. Each Battery Has A Backwards Protect System, Overload System, And Over-Discharge System.

How Long Are The Blades?

All Of Our Build-A-Saber Blades Are A Standard Default Of 36" Long, 2mm Thickness, And 1" Outer Diameter With A Round Tip.

What Type Of Sound Quality Will My New Build-A-Saber Kit Come With?

Our Speakers Are 2 Watts, 4 ohms. Great Quality!

What Are Some Of The Sound Features Of My Build-A-Saber Kit?

Sound Features Include Pre-Power On, BIaster, Lock-up, Flash on CIash, 9 Different Sets Of Pre-Programed Sound Fonts, Volume Adjustment, Light Effect Adjustment, Music And Smooth Swing

Do You Offer Refunds?

All Build-A-Saber Kits Come With a 1 Year Product Replacement Warranty. For Product Warranty Replacements Please Contact: Support@ImperialSabers.com

Returns and exchanges will not be accepted for items purchased. This return policy is subject to change, for any or no reason, from time to time at Build-A-Saber's sole discretion without advance notice. The 1 Year Warranty covers normal use wear and tear. Buyer must cover shipping and handling for warranty shipping.

What will I learn in the Virtual Saber Academy 2.0 and where are these teachings coming from?

Virtual Saber Academy is presented and taught by Light Sword Martial Arts. Light Sword Martial Arts students gain proficiency in 3 main areas per Form

• Basic strikes and attack combinations

• Basic footwork for attacks and evasion

• Basic combat tactics

Virtual Saber Academy Form 1 Style Inspiration: Kenjutsu, Laido/Laijutsu

Focuses on using the katana, or some variation thereof (bokken, shinai, etc).

In training, the sword positions must be exact, to the most extreme degree. Angles of the blade work, footing, body mechanics. All must be perfect to the millimeter.

The training with a light sword, a weapon that can cut without a second thought, should be taught similarly.

Virtual Saber Academy 2.0 Students Also Receive "LIVE" Virtual Training Sessions With A Licensed Light Sword Martial Arts Saber Samurai (Coach/Instructor

I have spent money before on cheap light sabers and I was not happy. What is your quality like and who supplies the parts?

All Of Our Light Sabers Hilts Are Made From Highgrade Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, With A Removable PC Polycarbonate Blade. Our electronic components are all housed within the hilts and our LED Light system is based lit that shines through the PoIycarbonate blade. Virtually Indestructible. Provided by Imperial Sabers.

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